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Title: Start of something new
Author: happymidget1990
Pairing: maybe a little Tabby, dunno
Rating: okay, let's say R. Just to be sure.
Summary: How a certain person came to the NCIS. Okay, I'm bad at summaries! That sucks!
Disclaimer: I don't own any character of NCIS... blablabla
Dedications: Thanks to my mothers who love me, ignoring the fact that I'm midget and special thanks to my mother Abby, who volunteered to be my beta-reader!
Another thanks to Stefan Gille, which name I borrowed for this Fanfiction. Dear Stefan, if you read this don't be mad at me. It was the first name I could think of. (And by the way, it would be nice of you, if you could send me a message with your current address!)

How we met?... That's a really good question but it isn't one I can answer in a few sentences like it would be appropriate for a magazine interview like this. But if you have some time left to listen to the whole story I'll gladly tell you...
I think anything began with this case back in Baltimore. A dead marine was found near the docks so we had to call the Naval Criminal Investigation Service- called the NCIS. Dead marines didn't matter to the Baltimore Police Department, we just had to seal off the place of crime and wait for them to do anything else.
After an hour or so they arrived: a silver-haired man with piercing blue eyes together with another man, even older as himself. He wore glasses and reminded me of an old friend of my family- a Britain.
I went over to greet them.
“Hi. I'm Anthony DiNozzo, Baltimore Police Department.“, I introduced myself while shaking the silver-haired man's hand.
“Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS, and this is Dr. Donald Mallard. He is our pathologist.“
I shook hands with the older man, too.
“Where is the corpse?“, Agent Gibbs asked matter of factly.
“Right over there. We didn't change anything and informed you immediately.“
We reached the place where the poor guy was lying. He was in a real bad shape. Okay, okay, it's only logical, because he was dead but he looked like he has suffered before death came.
He was naked and his body was covered in cuts and bruises. I couldn't help it, but I had the feeling that something wasn't right. I ignored this feeling thinking that my lunch just didn't have liked me much...
Dr. Mallard began his work without asking any questions.
“So, if you need any help just raise your hand or yell and a member of my team will be here in no time,“, I closed. I wanted to leave as soon as possible because the work was lying on my desk feet-high and everything was supposed to be finished before I had my day off.
My thoughts were interrupted by Agent Gibbs: “Well, actually we could do with some help. Most of our agents are down with the flu and we need some people during the case.“
I understood perfectly well. Most of our men were infected, too and the hard winter didn't helped it.
“No problem. Officer Wilson will be glad to help you. I would do it myself but there's other work waiting for me. So ciao, Dr. Mallard, Special Agent Gibbs. It was nice to meet you.“
When I drove back to the police station I had the funny feeling that I didn't saw the two of them for the last time...


The annoying ring of my telephone woke me the next morning. Sleep drunken I took the receiver:
“DiNozzo?!“ I tried to stifle a yawn- without any success.
“I'm sorry Tony, but I think you have to postpone your day off.“
“You can't be serious, Ted!“ Sometimes I hated my former superior more than anything else in the world.
“I am, Tony. Those guys from the NCIS need your help. I searched for any other choice, but you are the only one who's qualified for this case.“
„You're a bad liar! I hope you know that Ted, because if you lie this way to your wife you'll be divorced in no time...“
“Okay, okay. Actually every other choice is ill...“
I sat up slowly.
“Are you able to get here in an hour?“ There was a pleading in Ted's tone, which made me almost feel pity for him. I considered this thought for a moment. Well, it sounded interesting...
“You know, you owe me one, Ted!“


“Bling!“ The door of the lift opened and I stood in a big office.
“Oh! Hello, Miss. I'm looking for Special Agent Gibbs. Maybe you could help me finding him...“
I throw one of my famous smiles at the attractive young woman I just addressed.
She smiled, too. “Well, I think he's getting his coffee. I could wait with you until he comes back.“
“That would be wonderful...“ I wasn't able to finish my sentence because just in this moment the doors of the lift opened again and Agent Gibbs entered the office.
“Ah, Detective DiNozzo! It's good to see that you've finally found your way to us. We already expected you an hour ago.“
“Well, you know the traffic is awful the time before Christmas.“
“Just make sure you're in time tomorrow, okay?“
With that this topic was finished... well, not exactly because it's kinda topic of us every morning... but that's a different story.
I followed Agent Gibbs to an empty desk. There were a baseball cap and a jacket lying on top of it with the slogan NCIS on it.
“This will be your desk during the case.“
“Er, well, thank you, Agent Gibbs.“
“Just call me Gibbs, okay. We're a team now.“
“Than it's Tony for you.“
“Okay, Tony. Follow me!“
“Where are we going?“
The answer was short: “Pathology!“


When I went into the pathology I was greeted by the same old man I just met the day before.
“Ah! So you're going to be the temporary member of our team! How delightful.“
“It's nice to meet you again, Dr. Mallard.“
„Please call me Ducky. Everybody does.“
Right when I wanted to answer this Gibbs interrupted our smalltalk.
“Do you have anything new for me, Ducky?“
“Well, obviously he was beaten to death. Several internal bleedings, broken bones, the whole program.“
“No evidence?“
“In fact, there is. Our John Doe has been raped before his death. I found some blonde hair...“
“... but our victim is brunette. Well done, Ducky. Where is it?“
“It's already at Abby's.“
“Who is Abby?“ Now it was me to interrupt the conversation.
“She is our expert in forensic. You're going to meet her now. Follow me.“
And after a hurriedly goodbye to Ducky we left the pathology and I found myself in the lift for the third time.
When the doors opened again I found myself in a big laboratory. A woman stood in front of a computer with her back to us.
All I could see were her long white coat, two black braids and black boots, which reached up to her knees. When she noticed us, she turned around. Wow! What a woman!
“Hey Gibbsman!“ She smiled happily at us. “Who's that?“
“He's our temporary team-member: Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo.“
The sound of my name woke me from my trance of astonishment. “Wha.. er, hello...“
“Hey! That's cool. Where do you come from, Tony?“
“Baltimore.“ She was the first woman who was able to stop me talking. I couldn't even say a full sentence. Everything I was aware of was how beautiful she was.
“What do you have got, Abby?“ I was glad Gibbs changed the subject.
“Well, the dead is Sgt. Stefan Gille. He was last stationed in Afghanistan, came back two months ago.“
“What about the hair?“
“Nothing. The root was missing. No root, no DNA, no suspect.“
“Okay, thanks Abbs. Call me if you find anything else.“
“Sure, Gibbsy. Bye Tony.“


Well, I can tell you that this day was the hardest I ever had before. I'm used to question people, I'm used to tell the family that their dearest are dead, I'm used to work hard and until midnight, but Gibbs made me top every record. This day was one of the worst and also one of the best days I've ever had. He made me search for my limits and when I've found them he made me go further.
When I finally got into bed at 3in the morning. I felt as useful as I never felt before. Lost in thoughts I rubbed the area where his hand had connected with my head several times. It always had hit me by surprise. And it does now. It's like a game, a little fight for authority and respect.
The facts of the case were flowing through my mind. Physically I was tired but my mind was still working hard. After and after we got every part of the puzzle. I had the feeling that just one part was missing and this one part was lying right in front of but I wasn't able to focus it.
Finally my body gain over my mind and I fall asleep at the bed of my apartment.
I dreamed of the case, of the suspects we had questioned: the fiancé of the victim, Christina Reynolds, crying the whole time, his best friend William Parker and his superior Jefferson Miller. Each of them with blonde hair. I saw the victim, his bruises and cuts... Cuts?
All of sudden I was wide awake. Why didn't I have noticed this before? I got up quickly, dressed and drove back to headquarters.
I didn't noticed being followed...

Authors Note: If I had have more time this would have been a nice cliffhanger. But you know: time is money!


I looked at the picture of the victim and everything seemed to clear itself. Sgt. Gille knew that he was going to die. And he did know his murderer. So he left a clue by cutting himself. If you were looking closely you could have made out something what looked like a fish.
While leaving headquarters I dialed the number of Gibbs' mobile phone.
“Gibbs?“, I heard him saying.
“Hey, it's me, Tony. I think I know the murderer of Sgt. Gille. I'm going to fetch you in 10 minutes.“
“Okay, see you.“
I throw the file of the case on the seat besides me and headed for Gibbs'.
Suddenly it happened. A black Van crashed right into my Corvette. I lost control over my vehicle and hit a nearby tree. And than blackness overwhelmed me...


The disgusting smell of disinfectants woke me. I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital room with my right arm in a sling, probably broken and my whole body aching and hurting.
“Ah, Tony! So you have finally decided to wake up. We got a little worried, you know.“
Gibbs was sitting in a chair next to my bed.
“What happened?“
“Well, when you didn't appeared at my house I went looking for you. I found your car, or what was left of your car. I have to say, you frightened me a little.“
“What about the person in the Van?“
“You mean the Van of Christina Reynolds?“
“Christina Reynolds?! But... that makes sense. She killed Sgt. Gille... So she is imprisoned?“
“Her tank was damaged. The car exploded right after the accident. She's dead.“
I fell silent. Maybe my father was right about the whole god-thing and his law... she died because she killed her fiancé. But nobody would never knew why.
“Tony, there's something I want to know. How did you know she was the killer? We found a bat with his DNA on it after her dead! How did you know before?“
I woke up from my philosophical thoughts.
“The cuts. I saw the fish, the symbol of the Christians. Her name was Christina...“
“That's it? You mean you had no real evidence?“ Gibbs almost laughed.
“Well, my instinct told me that I was right...“
He looked at me thoughtfully. It seemed like hours had past. Finally he spoke: “You're a good cop. I watched you closely the whole case. Maybe you're interested in being an NCIS- agent...“
“I bet a 'no' won't be accepted, am I right?“
“Yeah... yeah, you could say that.“
I grinned. “So when I'm gonna start, boss?“
“Hm... let's say as soon as you get out of here. I think in two weeks or so.“
“Are you kidding me? Two weeks! I hate hospitals!“
He just grinned and started leaving but when he reached the floor he turned around again.
“Er, and Tony. Don't you dare being late!“

Well, that's it. That's how I came to the NCIS and how I met Abby, Ducky and Gibbs, the most extraordinary people I ever met and who are like a family to me.

The End

Challenge 2;

"... and he was wearing a scarf. Only a scarf. What else did you think I would do?"

No pairing is set, no time or place or any other detail of the plot or the fiction itself, except for the fact that you should use the given extract somewhere in the fiction.

Deadline: not set yet.

Have fun. :)

Challenge idea by; Kat :]

Challenge 1;

Okay...to make this short.

We give you the beginning and you write us a neat little fic to it.

You can post the finished fics in your LJ and post a link to it as a comment to this thread.

Deadline: not set yet.

There's no length, pairing or place set. Just be done till the deadline and make everyone happy by writing a great fic ^--^

Here's what your fiction has to start with;

'"How we met?...That's a really good question but it isn't one I can answer in a few sentences like it would be appropriate for a magazine interview like this. But if you have some time left to listen to the whole story I'll gladly tell you..."'

Have fun writng.

Jules <3 *hopesit'sgonnawork* x)


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